Social Commentary

Does “Woke” Lack Manners?

Have the manners of the past been pushed aside to proclaim the hype of the present social confusion?  Do you bring a cell phone to dinners?  Do you say please and thank you even to the police? Do you help old and disabled people to cross the street?  Do you wait for someone to stop talking before you start talking?  Do you hold the trash till a trash can? Do you offer your help when it is helpful? Following the etiquette rules at work will help you earn respect and possibly even contribute to promotions and raises. Being kind to customers increases sales. Being polite to your friends will keep them calling. Romantic relationships are stronger when couples respect each other. Treating other people with respect makes them want to be nice back to you. Driving with good manners can help prevent accidents. Others will listen if you give them a chance to speak. Good social etiquette will keep your name on the guest list. Knowing and using proper etiquette regularly can help with confidence.

Being woke is not more important than manners.