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Going Postal

In the 1960’s a big change as the young of the war had children who were reaching adult age.  Many opportunities were created with growth and innovation.  The world had changed with the Vietnam War and drafting of some of the brightest young men, Watts riots, the Chicago 7, Kent State, Woodstock, school busing,  going to the Moon,  computers, etc.  Most could handle the changes but a very few did not have the psychological ability to cope.  Boring work and emotional upsets had a few not wanting to live and put up with it all.  So started mass killings with some people wanting to take as many with them as possible.

Today we have “involution” with population increases in the U.S. of almost 80% from the 60’s.  Most is because of immigration as those born in the U.S. know that they have to give up luxury to pay $250,000 to raise a child and that does not include college.  Resources are finite and opportunities taken by large corporations leaving very little opportunity for the individual to start a business that will compete.  The media and education has psychological  manipulated the public to be slaves and support the powerful people’s agenda with very little opportunity to fight the injustice.  This results in people going Postal and taking out as many other humans as possible.  The media wants you to believe this is a firearm problem but the individuals who can not stand the culture any longer have many other means to reduce population.  The increase of psychologically  wounded people is proof that something is very wrong with the leadership and their goals of one size fits all.  Humans have always been different and need different cultures and living conditions to have evolution and not “involution”.