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There is something wrong with the American culture that is not working.  I see a pronounced increase of homelessness and poverty.  We also have a large increase of population up more than 50% in the last 50 years but the birth rather is below two.  The change has also brought about mega corporations and the loss of small businesses owned by individuals.  The Government has been the cause and catalyst of these changes.  A sharpe increase of legal professionals has been the results of complicated laws.  The lawmakers do not understand the results of their votes on laws they do not even read.  A big misunderstanding of money and values has created the chaos which fuels inflation and loss of saved hard work. Grants and handouts make money worth less and frustrates the worker.  Many can survival without contributing to humanity.  The material toys of modern culture do not bring happiness or spiritual bliss.  Natures laws of survival of the best for the environment are temporary trashed.  In the long run they will win and cause much hardships and death.

We have many openings for needed work and many not working. The Government is failing because it helps people survival when they have no intention of giving back to survive. Good workers move and do not want to commute because of traffic problems.  New workers do not have the skills needed.  The whole problem started in the past where young people had to pay going to community college rather than corporations training them.  It was a gift to education and corporations at the expense of the younger generation which are now strapped with unending loans.  Education is academic not job training. Job training is the responsibility of the employer.  The draft into the military for unending wars destroyed the creativity of young males. Poorly managed cities led to high price real estate and depended on illegal workers for the unskilled jobs.  The American family got destroyed.

One thought on “Homelessness

  1. Socialism and homelessness go together along with over population. More people means more pollution, more energy, less freedoms and less resources. The more people that are supported by the government the less everyone gets, resources are fine. The more people supported by the government the less people have an incentive to create and work.

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