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Politics is a strange belief, you have people steadfast in their beliefs that have no long term evidence that their ideas are solutions to humanity’s problems.  The politicians use money and media hype to psychological manipulate the ignorant public emotions to heard mentality.  The facts show people are different and can not conform to one size fits all.  Nature has one rule that the survival of the forces of the environment promote the genes that can survive the conditions.  This that can not do not last in the long term.  We have Governments that have leaders and staff that believe these rules do not apply to them.  Fact is no government lasts forever.  The more personal beliefs based on religions and emotions end up creating an environment that causes long term suffering rather than short term suffering.  Entropy is a natural law as everything goes to chaos.  Trying to force different genetic pools to conform to one set of rules ends in suffering for all.

The next time you see political parties discriminating each other you know neither party knows the facts.

One thought on “Discrimination

  1. The increase in violent crime this year and the social unrest of last year expose a reality that craven politicians, vapid political pundits, and nihilistic activists would rather ignore: America needs a change in the hearts and minds of its people even more than it needs a change in policing. That is not going to happen when the people think it is the government’s job to provide happiness and survival materials.

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