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Health and Mental Health

It has been over a year and a half since the Government has imposed on our freedoms and liberty.  The media seems they are not independent as they follow the money.  All aspects of life have been restricted and the human animal is revolting.  The toll on health is far greater than a few million losing their lives. The available resources and products is declining as the population increased. More people are in poverty and governments can not fix the basic problem of lack of motivation and greed they have created with psychological manipulation. Drugs are marketed as a fix all when we know they are not a substitute for good health. Too many people makes life worth less just like too much printed money causes inflation and more poverty.  The government printing money does not make more resources or motivate people without abilities to get abilities.  The education system has gone downhill ever since it has been used to integrate different cultures.

The answer lies in smaller communities and teamwork, where we have  common goals not national goals. The only thing the national government should do is provide the freedom and liberty that is promised to the citizens.  The idea of human rights is in conflict with natural laws such as survival of the genes that can deal with the reality of the environment.