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Failing Government Agencies

Many people are brainwashed to think the Government has their best interests to heart.  Fact is the bureaucrats are not the best people for the job.  Many government workers failed to make it in private industry so they get a secure Government job with many benefits and little work.  The other people in government are milking the system to make big money for their power by taking advantage of their decision power.

Inspectors repeatedly found manufacturing and device quality problems with the HeartWare pump. But the FDA didn’t penalize the company, and patients had the device implanted without knowing the facts. Why would you believe their remarks about an experimental vaccine ?  One goal of the leadership is one size fits all but they can not enforce or provide evidence that everyone requires the same treatment or environment. Everyone can not live under the same rules we are all different and have different reasons for living.  Throughout history no Government survived that wanted to control diverse populations and provide the same standards to everyone.

We need smaller countries and less governments.  Let people survive without know it all leaders. Only you can spend you money wisely for your needs.  Charity is voluntary not mandated.


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  1. Some officials inside the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reportedly disagree with the public health agency’s basis for reversing its face-mask guidance, asserting that data driving the revision is flawed or skewed.

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