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The world has many problems because cultures can not understand teamwork.  Our own society has fighting parties because each party wants their own way.  There is no cooperation because the culture has beliefs rather than understanding that it OK to be different as teams need different abilities and skills. When some think being different is a problem others recognize being different is and asset.  The organization needs to focus on what is needed and the best person to preform it.  There is no equal disturbed because people are not equal.  Look at crime in the world.  The most crime is among those that can not work as teams.  The people in poverty such as the south side of Chicago are given the assets but they refuse to work together to benefit all. They are stuck on personal greed and jealous of what other people have.  South Africa is also harming themselves by destroying what some people have because they can not work together to benefit themselves.  Crime is a result in some people not understanding their own assets and wanting to harm others that have worked in teams to benefit all team members.

As long as the leaders believe that one size fits all we will have suffering by all.