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Climate Change

Throughout history nature has changed the Climate due to may factors. volcanoes, rocks from space, the entropy of the galaxy, changes in the sun, and living things etc.  Species have come and gone due to changes in the environment.  Those living things that have bet on changes in DNA have survived as different living things.  DNA is a crap shoot with probabilities.  Each new living thing has a slightly different DNA code including attributes and deferments of abilities. Species change due to the mating of the survival attributes for the environment.

Over population for the conditions of the environment put living things in competition for survival. Many civilizations have been wiped out due to lack of abilities to handle the changes. At the present we have a growing need to control energy and a growing population that does not have the ability to take control without destroying itself.  This shift in energy control has altered some of the factors of the cause and effect of the climate. Poor decisions based on economic and greed have allowed increased population of humans that do not understand the results of their actions.  For example more land controlled for food results in altering nature and the climate.  Fertilizer to grow things produces N2O gas with is 300 times more a greenhouse gas than CO2.  We have given a economic gift to the agriculture when we required them to produce ethanol from corn to reduce CO2 from cars. This increased the greenhouse gases not reduced it.  Electric cars are not more energy efficient than gasoline cars they just move the gas from the streets to the power plant.  Solar collectors are made in China which uses coal plants to make the energy to produce the collectors which take 7 years of solar collection to replace the energy it took to make them.  If you add batteries to the solar system they do not reduce energy production and pollution.

What is the solution? Obama said he could have a big party because his guests were sophisticated and could avoid spreading the virus. What did he mean? That all people are not created equal? Exactly, people are all different and nature provided survival for those that could navigate the environment. Laws intended to save people from their own actions fail to provide long term survival of humanity. The answer is to stop leaders and governments from helping those in need and let local charity handle the issues.  Sure many will die but the survivors will be better off for it.