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MBA’s Fail to Manage Happiness

In the past many top notch Universities offered Masters programs to the leading college graduates.  When the Government interfered with quotas the programs failed to select the most rounded students to be leaders.  We are seeing the result of 50 years of mismanagement based on false beliefs of greed and beliefs that everyone has equal abilities. Decisions are now made on profits and feelings rather than cause and effect. Short term thinking has resulted in a failed future of humanity and survival skills.  Many will suffer and die due to one sided  thinking and mandated laws designed to control an imaginary idea that all people are equal.  Nature always wins so it is advisable to follow what nature has shown us rather than fight reality for ideas that do not guarantee survival.  Nature has many unknowns but Gods are just a way of describing more unknowns. Humans use imagination to create Gods.

Happiness is a personal state of mind and is balanced with sadness.

One thought on “MBA’s Fail to Manage Happiness

  1. Corporate media wants us to believe racism is at the heart of America’s fragmentation. The truth is, it’s a lack of shared values. The media’s fixation on race and racism distracts us from seeing what’s obvious.

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