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Frustrations With Leadership

In the past most people had to fend for themselves. Government stepped in and declared it had to save people from their problems.  It started to hand out grants and payments to people that could not survive the conditions of life at the cost of all the other citizens.  Over time more people got handouts and less people could pay for the handouts.  Government borrowed money to make up the difference. This borrowed money did not increase resources but rather devalued the buying power of the money called this inflation.  Today we have a shortage of goods and lines waiting to buy certain products.

This all sounds like other countries that let leadership control lives and businesses.  Socialism does not work as communism does not work.  Incentives to create a productive better world leaves some people behind that do not have the ability to contribute.  This is called evolution.

2 thoughts on “Frustrations With Leadership

  1. We’re trending in the oppressive direction of all nations that govern without proper supervision of their elected officials. Power corrupts. There are no good guys in politics, only children in need of spankings by the press.

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