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As society gets more complicated the error rate increases.  Much of our daily experience is rattled with problems not corrected before we have the experience.  For example computers and software, it seems that the customer is part of the development process where incomplete products are sold and the customer has to find the problems and report them with no pay to the customer.  Government fails at mostly everything it does.  It does not have to be responsible to anyone including the public. It spends money it does not have like a ponzie scam and no one can stop them.  The resulting inflation taxes everyone.  They want increased population because the public can not continue to payout more than the government takes taxes.

Corporations dump defective products on the public and no one is punished.They can be selectively fined but they just raise prices.  People die from drugs not limited to select genetic types and malpractice insurance pays out as the costs increase to all the public. Medical insurance does not encourage good health as it makes the people that practice good health habits pay for those that abuse their health.  It takes time and effort to do things right but profits would not be as high. The system is broke when there is no integrity in doing the best possible effort but just going through the motions.