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Third World Country

The United States is becoming a third world country, we even have bread lines as the food markets have empty shelves. The federal Government is trying to mandate individual behavior when that is not what the funding fathers had when they wrote the Constitution.  The hand out subvert the private charities and encourage freeloaders from all over the world to get free survival needs.  The founding fathers required the public to fend for themselves and only providing an environment with freedom and liberty to make it on your own.  States used the template of the Constitution to maintain cultural differences to fit the local populations.

Survival required individual abilities fit into a community and provide contributions of individual talent and abilities to benefit that part of humanity.  Power hungry leaders corrupt and lacking the founding dreams used their power to engage in scams around the through wars and intimidation to make slaves for our production machine. It was never about equality or welfare.  It was about power to control people.  Today those same powerful people use psychology and lies to manipulate people into doing things for them rather than personal survival. The great economic power built during World War II was out sourced in the name of the environment and Global Warming.  The public was fooled as the real problem is overpopulation and consumption. The U.S. has more than doubled its population since the 50’s but not from citizens having children but from immigration both legal and illegal.  Many of the people landing here are not qualified to do the demanding jobs. The Corporations get to use them at below surviving wages because they are supplemented by government going into debt and using inflation as a tax also reducing the cost of true labor.

The ending is not a pretty picture as others have tried this before.  We do not have to let our government get away with it.