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Irrational Leadership

We have a pandemic of poor information and data which uses logic to make bad decisions.  First leadership must understand one size does not fit all.  They might even know this because of selective enforcement of the laws they make. They also need to understand the world is finite and can not continue to increase consumption.  Growth can only come from increased efficiency in the use of limited resources. Growth slows down when the efficiency nears the absolute. Just like the mass increases approaching the speed of light.

Tupelo leaders are old school thinking in their approach to economic conditions. They think low I.Q. jobs that pay low wages will keep the population in check.  Fact is Government handouts make people unwilling to work at boring jobs that do not reward the mind. Forced school busing lowered the quality of students as student loans lowered the quality of teachers.  Industry no longer has to pay the training for best labor to achieve better occupations.  The tourist industry has destroyed many smart cities and made them camps for the ignorant, that need support.  Retail is losing the benefits of tourists spending in their shops as people buy from the web.

Research is a key way to export value and bring in money to the city.  The State has made poor laws making research stay away.  Such as making cloning illegal, ‘In God We Trust’ on the flag, out law women’s choice, illegal drugs-drinking, and other laws not enforceable. We simply can not allow the degradation of society based on irrational beliefs especially in the leadership we vote for.

2 thoughts on “Irrational Leadership

  1. Gifted and talented children are genetically primed for more complicated tasks than the one size fits all Government model.
    But the debate has also focused on claims that the racial makeup of the classes reflects an unfair bias. Asian students account for 43 percent of G&T students despite being just 16.2 percent in the school system.

    White students make up 36 percent in G&T classes, with Hispanics at 8 percent and African-Americans at 6 percent.

  2. Conservatives have noted and lamented the left-wing bias of the mainstream media over the last two or three decades. For years, reporters and liberals denied any sort of bias in news reporting. Now, though, some reporters are just coming out and admitting that they’re OK with violating a “cardinal rule of journalism” by omitting facts and information that they find uncomfortable.

    On Tuesday, former NBC “Today” host Katie Couric admitted that she and other reporters take these kinds of actions “all the time.”

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