This morning’s paper reports the Mayor is proposing, via the city annual budget, creating a fund to pay for the junior and senior years of college tuition. This was part of the Tupelo Neighborhood Reinvestment Plan that was tabled. I have reviewed the “comments” section and actually find very little discussed as approving or disapproving this concept. The funds will come out of the annual budget and not part of bond money. What are your thoughts. Next meeting Tuesday the 30th, 6:30 P.M. at the Link Center.

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  1. “The funds will come out of the annual budget and not part of bond money. ”
    In a very real way it is bond money. What the mayor did was move road maintenance paving to a capital cost supported by bonds and use that absence of out lay to support his increased spending on things such as the tuition plan. In the end more money is borrowed and more burden on the taxpayer.

    If the schools turned out excellent students they could get scholarships ans not need the city to pay their tuition.

    If you inspect the school budget you will find we spend over $13000 per student per year when you include the school bond payments and admin costs. The city is in debt from past over spending. Borrowing more money from bonds only will hurt our children’s chances for success as they put more government costs on them. People will not want to live in an area with a huge bond debt to pay back.

    1. I don’t have a problem with offering tuition IF there is accountabilty and community payback. What I mean by that is offer grants from the city to those who have proven that they are serious about their future and studies with the condition that they do comminity service IN TUPELO during their summer break. Community service would include helping with programs that help children, the elderly, the sick, etc. This could include tutoring, working with the hospital, nursing homes, Create, the Salvaton Army, the City offices, etc. This could be a win-win for all involved, including the college student who could volunteer with experience in an area they are wanting to work in once they graduate.

  2. I agree with Lisa and sent a e-mail to all the council members urging them to not support this proposal.. I got a response from Fred Pitts saying it was a “good” budget and that road maint. funds should be.
    He went on to say that they had reduced labor costs from 70% to 60% but there was no mention of hiring more code enforcement officials.
    I sent back to Fred and told him that “It appeared to be a repackaging
    of a part of the Re-investment plan and a shuffleing of accounts so that the bond money (Now for road maint and Aquatic center) would be repaid out of the general budget.

    A note of interest: There are those on the council who oppose this. I can’t give an accurate count as to how many are in favor of this “new approach” or how many are opposed.However, I am grateful to those who, like myself oppose it!

  3. there is no reason why the citizens of the city should be directly paying for college tuition what-so-ever… it absurd!!! even with the thought of some kind of stipend makes me cringe a little.

    the city govt needs to have other things in order(neighborhood code enforcement for starters!!!) before we go and set up another money spending spree..!!

    if the mayor reed and fred pitts or whomever want this so bad… GO SET THE SCHOLARSHIP FUND WITH YOUR OWN MONIES!!! the city tax money needs to be used for the purposes of providing immediate services to the tax payers FIRST!!! if there is money left over…. IT BELONGS to the TAXPAYERS…

    if mayor reed wants to see if the citizens really want it PUT IT TO A VOTE!!! the issue will be settled DEMOCRATICALLY!!!! how difficult is that? what a concept….

  4. Waste of taxpayer’s money with regard to benefits for Tupelo. I do not mind helping a student obtain an education but this is a give away. There are so many ways to get a return on such an investment but this plan has nothing.

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