Yep, read this mornings DJ article about tonights meeting and am astounded with Fred Pitts’ attitude that he (the council) does not need the citizens input about anything. They are about to spend $35 milllion on a general operating budget plus additional millions on college tuition, road overlays, swimming pool, basketball court and, since we havent’t seen a proposed budget, who knows what else. This is the very reason for a peoples uprising. If, WE THE PEOPLE, no longer have a voice in local city government, how do you think we can ever accomplish anything as a nation.If the City Coouncil knows what is best or us, then we have lost our freedoms so why bother with electiions. Just let the chosen few appoint the Council members. See you tonight..

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  1. Someone commented in the DJ on-line, they sent a e-mail to Fred Pitts about the budget and his reply to them was “the citizens are stupid”. One point Fred got right is that they voted for him.

    1. lisa, I think you mis read the comment ! Mr. Pitts said it was a good budget.. Another council member said; “they think the citizens are stupid”

  2. If this is true, then Mr. Pitts has no business being on Council, making decisions that impact every citizen. Evidently, he believes he is entitled to redistribute our income in whatever way he sees fit. Not everyone deals with big budgets but everyone deals with a budget at some level. Most of us realize no one, organization or City Hall should spend money they do not have – there is always a time when one must pay back what they borrow. I realize that Mr. Pitts probably cannot be held fiscally accountable for his decisions but maybe it is time to hold our representative accountable; the public is certainly held accountable for their decisions and actions. Personally, I think that Tupelo needs a balanced line item budget that is transparent. Futhermore, I think it is time to develop a way to allow citizens to comment and vote online when decisions are being made on their behalf.

    1. Pmk
      While I have no proof that what was posted is true, from my personal experience I would not doubt it. I had a copy of a proposed budget given to me by a Council member and was told at the Council workshop yesterdaY by Mr.. Pitts ” You should not have that” How in the world does he think the public can comment on a budgeet proposal if they caannot see the actual budget proposal. He also told me that on two days in July it was published in the DJ that a public meeting would be held the first week of August and only three people showed up. As of yesterday there was not a public/published document for an interested citizen to actually lay his/her hands on so as to be able to ask an intelligent questions or make a comment, Therefore no public meeting on the budget between now and when it is voted on. Itawamba and Alcorn counties are having open meetings for comment and they are voting Sept 15 on their budget to comply with state law. This is not about the councilpersons, this is about the Council President Pitts. He has the positiion and the power.

  3. Sounds as if Mr. Pitts and possibly the Council and the mayor is in violation of the ” freedom of information act” and maybe a few other laws.  Others have played similar games trying to obscure information and make it difficult for the public to have access to information.  If such actions could be documented and one could prove that a shuffle game is being played on the public then the Feds could be involved.  I am not a lawyer so this is just my opinion but it seems as if anyone playing such a game is on the edge of legality.  I have always heard that Tupelo politics play such games which is why there are so many unhappy folks.  It is fairly obvious that a lot of game playing goes on, i.e., the on again off again proposals…they keep doing this over and over…it’s on the agenda, it’s not on the agenda…then one day the stars line up and something is passed.  About the only way for the public to get something across is to show up in mass numbers and say no…but that is only good for a few years and they go back to business as usual.  It is really sad.  A democratic system requires a lot of hard work.  It requires that a politician know the heart of those who elected him and does his best to represent them even if he disagrees.  Because society has changed, it is more important than ever that people be allowed to speak and vote in a timely manner.  I believe this can now be done using electronics.  A good marketing/polling firm could set up such a system for local governments.  I know this is not be a popular concept–but it will eventually happen.  

    1. Would like to suggest another category for your blog…one where people could briefly (500 characters) list ways they think the city could improve itself. I think they should be encouraged to submit ideas that could be implemented with little or no cost (maybe working with church groups, neighborhood organizations), and those that would require the funding (funding could be private or public dollars).

      1. Good idea. Actually I have a person working on a facebbok page and I hope it will be up in a few days. Thanks for your comments and ideas. Keep them coming. jim

  4. Did you know about the Public Hearing notice in today’s DJ?

    The neighborhood Development Corporation is considering applying to Mississippi Development Authority for a Home investment Partnerships Program Grant?

    The funds are for Homeowner Rehabilitation
    New Construction of Rental Units
    Home-buyer Assistance

    Meeting will be at City Hall 3rd fl, Sept 19 at 4:30 p.m.

    Call Peggy Woods 841-6411

        1. Interesting. Need more info before comment. On the surface this sounds interesting if we are talking about helping people out of poverty and up the ladder. Let’s find out more. jim

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